• june, 2020

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Brrrmmmthing under the Christmas tree

Brrrmmmthing under the Christmas tree 1

Tis the season to be jolly, for many of us we will be gathered around the fire with friends, family and loved ones over the festive season. Classic car mugs, Triumph socks and a shammy leather are all gifts we as classic car fans are used to receiving. Let Autojumble be your secret Santa and give you the key to automotive escapism, a classic car getaway for you to get your classic car fix over the festive season.

Our elves have been busy in the workshop with our events map just for you, and whether you’ve been naughty or nice you can get involved and find something near you over the busy festive period.

To view what’s going on during the holidays, simply use the map below to see all of the events between now and the end of the festive season. This is possibly the quietest time of year for classic car events but our map serves as a way for you to plan your escape from the in laws and a cathartic moment around some classics!

Take a look at our map, we’re really happy to share it with you just in time for Christmas. If it doesn’t appear below the first time then just hit refresh on this page.

Highlights include: H&H Donington, Waterloo Classic, Ace Cafe All American and much more!

Take a look at the map above to see what’s in store this Christmas.

Featured event: Ferrari Under the Skin

Brrrmmmthing under the Christmas tree 1

Here’s one for you if you’ve got children / grand children to entertain but also fancy scratching that automotive itch over the Christmas break. Ferrari is in town to celebrate it’s 70th and boy does it look good, situated at the Design Museum the Under the Skin exhibit takes a look at the global powerhouse that is Ferrari.

We took the liberty of heading on down to make sure everything is up to code and to deliver a review for you. You will be happy to know we had a fantastic time and think you will too.

Brrrmmmthing under the Christmas tree 2

Without wishing to give too much away the exhibit takes a look at Ferrari throughout the ages and gives the opportunity to get up close to things you probably have never seen but that helped to shape the Prancing horse into the company it is today. From original styling bucks to aero models and from F1 cars to Hybrid KERS systems there’s certainly no shortage of content on offer for the discerning Tifoso and the bambinos.

The exhibit is running until April so don’t worry too much if you don’t get there over Christmas as there’s plenty of time. That said there is plenty of time to return without the screaming little ones…

Brrrmmmthing under the Christmas tree

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