Brrrmmmthing for the weekend: 21st September – 5th October

Brrrmmmthing for the weekend: 21st September - 5th October 4

The weekend has arrived and we can’t wait to get out and experience all that the UK’s classic car scene has to offer, take a look at our interactive map to see what’s going on near you. If the map doesn’t appear directly below then simply refresh this page and it should appear. Highlights include: MX-5 National Rally, CCA Classic Car Auction: September 2017 Classic Car Sale, HSCC Snetterton Three hours, Newbury 4×4 & Vintage Spares Day and Hero challenge. Take a look at the map above to see what’s in store this weekend. Featured event: MX-5 National Rally The UK’s biggest and best MX-5 event celebrates its 23rd year and building on the epic celebration of last year this Rally is set to be…

Movie Feature Monday: The Gambler BMW 1M


With the Recent launch of the BMW M2 it is easy to get caught up in the hype and forget where it came from, and why wouldn’t you? The new compact sports coupé from BMW has set the motoring world alight and is widely acclaimed as one of the best on the market at the moment. Before M2 came the 1-Series M Coupé that let the whole world know what BMW could do with a compact body, an angry engine and even angrier styling. The motoring world fell in love with the 1M as it was such a departure from what we had come to expect with journalists praising its scrappy attitude. What more appropriate car then to use in 2014’s “The Gambler” a film…

From the Auction! ‘Les grandes marques à Monaco’

Here at AutoJumble we love a classic car auction, and the latest from Bonhams has seriously piqued our attention and has us spending all of our imaginary money!   The Fairmont hotel in Monte Carlo seems like an unsurprisingly lavish place to host an auction, and is totally justified by the cars on display. Here’s a pick of our favourites on offer!   BMW Z1 Roadster (1989) A rare and unusual find to start us off, this BMW Z1 roadster is full of quirky charm that we don’t see anymore! The car features a 170 BHP 2.5L overhead cam Straight six and is good for around 140mph, and was most famous for the fact that it’s doors opened downwards into the body to provide access...

Weekly round up, 24th April

Alfa Giulia 1300 GT

Its been a busy week here at AutoJumble with some exciting things going on, here’s a round up what we’ve been up to this week!   Movie Feature Monday On Monday we took a look at the 2007 film Fracture starring Ryan Gosling and Anthony Hopkins, we loved it because Mr Hopkins drives a stunning Porsche Carrera GT. Check out the full story here Movie Feature Monday: Fracture   Stars and their cars To think James Hunt couldn’t get any cooler, but the king of cool also had an Austin A35 bread van that he loved to hoon around the streets! The man was too cool for words, here are some we’ve written about him! Stars and their Cars: James Hunt’s Austin A35 Van  …

YouTube Video of the week: BMW 2002 Tii

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 13.47.08
This week we take a look at the brilliant BMW 2002 Tii owned by ’02 forum chairman, Richard Stern. The Colorado orange 1973 2002 looks absolutely fantastic and features some choice modifications including a racing engine and an uprated 5-speed gearbox. We loved hearing Richard talk about his car as well as sharing some top tips for buying a 2002, plus we’ve really enjoyed seeing the car in action! If you’ve enjoyed hearing about the 2002 then you can find more information here and more information on joining the 02 register can be found here

Weekly Round-up

What an exciting week it has been! Here’s a recap of the best bits from the week. Best MG Cars Following the Anniversary of the birth of Cecil Kimber in 1888 we deicided to take a look at some of the best cars to come out of the Abingdon outfit here! Stars and their cars What to Steve McQueen, Enzo Ferrari and James Hunt all have in common? Yes that’s right, they all had Mini coopers! Check out the story of Steve McQueen and his mini here! History of Mille Miglia Sit down, grab a cup of tea and let’s relive the proud yet dangerous history of the Mille Miglia between 1927-1957. Video Find Of The Week The only thing better than a...

Blog of the Week: Honda CRX Convertible in the Desert

Image: Jalopnik
We don't just write here at AutoJumble, we read too! With our pick for Blog of the Week, as well as some other great articles we have come across, we have your reading list sorted for the next hour or so at least! This Old Convertible Honda CRX Was The Best Car To Take Through The Desert   Apparently the top rattles when its up - but you wouldn't care here anyway! Image: Jalopnik Our blog of the week is Jalopnik's trek into the wilderness in a 1987 Honda CRX convertible. Taking the incredibly rare Honda through the deserts of Arizona and Utah, with a stop off at 'Don's Hoard' to boot, this piece will have you trawling through the classifieds for CRXs or booking a flight to...

Car of the Month Roundup: BMW 2002

The BMW 2002 Story 2
As we come to the end of June we have to say goodbye to our Car of the Month, the wonderful BMW 2002. We've had a good month with it and you can check out a round up of all the great posts we made about the car below: THE HISTORY Check out our run down of the history of the BMW 2002 in all it's glory here. THE STATS Want to know the specs and details of the BMW 2002? We've got you covered here. THE CLUBS Check out the Official BMW Car Club's O2 Register and join other people who love the car as much as you do here. HOW MANY LEFT?   Want to know how many BMW 2002's are on the...

BMW Car Club GB: 02 Register

The Official BMW Car Club provides products, services and events which enhance the enjoyment, value and experience all BMW owners and enthusiasts get from their cars. Richard Stern has run the BMW Car Club's 02 Register for over 15 years, and also runs, a leading source of information for the 02 series. You can become an 02 Register member by joining the BMW Car Club here. As well as receiving a quality monthly Club magazine, Straight Six, members can enjoy a wide selection of Club benefits and activities including: 12 month subscription to Straight Six Magazine Discounts on BMW servicing, parts and lifestyle accessories Savings on insurances and warranties Michelin Tyre Purchase Offer Discounted hotel stays UK and European tours Factory visits in the...

BMW 2002 Music: 1968

BMW 2002 Music: 1968
BMW 2002 Music: April 1968 We thought it'd be fun to take a look at the pop charts in the era of the BMW 2002. Here's the UK Singles chart for 3 April, 1968: the month the 2002 was introduced. #10: Rosie - Don Partridge #9: Step Inside Love - Cilla Black #8: Legend of Xanadu - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich #7: If I Were A Carpenter - The Four Tops #6: Cinderella Rockefella - Esther And Abi Of Arim #5: What A Wonderful World/Cabaret - Louis Armstrong #4: (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay - Otis Redding #3: Congratulations - Cliff Richard #2: Delilah - Tom Jones #1: Lady Madonna - The Beatles
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