• june, 2020

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Retro Rides 2017 Gathering- A Rundown Of Some Of The Unique Cars That Attended And The Stories Behind Them

Auto Draft 2

Auto Draft 2Retro Rides Gathering is over for another year. This show always delivers some of the UK most unique and individual cars, bringing with it a huge variety of weird and wonderful modified metal. From Honda NSX’s to Vauxhall Nova’s and everything in-between. The club feel and shared love for retro cars makes it a real stand out event where it’s hard to guess what will be there on the day.

Saying that, there is always one guarantee, there will always be an abundance of happy little Mazda MX5s. You couldn’t turn a corner without being greeted by one of these grinning roadsters. Being an owner of a 1993 1.8 mk1 MX5 Eunos Roadster V-Spec, I take no issue with this either! I actually spent some time this year looking around them and picked out a few of the more individual examples in attendance this year.

The first one that grabbed my attention was owned by Kevin Steel. It stood out in this environment as it was so close to original spec and also, like my own, a Eunos Roadster V-Spec, in British Racing Green and contrasting tan leather. This was an early 1990 example and came with the 115bhp 1.6 engine.

Kevin picked the car up to break it for parts as it had been in a small bump with a high curb. He told me “the car was being sold cheap for salvage so I bought it unseen off ebay. But upon collecting the car, all it required was two wheels to be refurbished and a handful of suspension components. I felt it was too nice to break it.”

Auto Draft 3He went on to tell me that after spending a few hours on the drive with the spanners, the car was put in for an MOT where a small patch of rust on the sills was fixed and it was given a clean bill of health. Kevin has only owned the car since July but confessed he would soon be selling it to make way for another old Volvo, his true passion!

The Only modifications the car had were the BBS wheels, the silver style bar, radio and the Nardi leather wheel. All simple styling choices that could be easily reversed as Kevin had all the original parts to put back in the car. He said “It’s been a real surprise seeing how many people have stopped to look at it and ask me questions. I guess they are getting harder to find in original spec and not modified.”

retro rides 3For contrast, there was Michael Wheatley’s Mk2, so far from standard it was the other end of the spectrum to Kevin’s. Having bought the car in 2015 as a stock 1.8, Michael has spent many hours in his garage personalising the car. Upgrading the brakes, changing the wheels for team dynamic 1.2s, fitting a TR Lane roll bar and replacing the old suspension for a set of fully adjustable HSD coilovers was just the start.

retro ride 4Under the bonnet he has fitted a full G19 turbo kit, composed of a cast exhaust manifold, Td04 turbo, and a Fast5 Front mounted intercooler. This required a standalone management system and he opted for MegaSquirt2 ecu that was mapped by Blink Motorsport. The car put out 256bhp and 218lb/ft on the rolling road.

retro rides 5Parked right next to Michaels MK2, was possibly one of nicest lightly modified MK1s of the show. With lots of aftermarket parts fitted that built on the original package. The exterior the car was near standard apart from a rare set of Compomotive ML alloys and the black mirror caps and window surround.

 1The interior is what really set this car apart. The seats had been replaced with a set of leather Lotus Elise bucket seats and the door cards had been retrimmed with black quilted leather. Then the dash had a whole host of Jass Performance trim fitted to give the centre console a more retro vibe. Finally the steering wheel had been swapped out for a MOMO prototipo to complete the look.

retro rides 7The engine had also been fettled to maximise its performance without major expense. The timing had been adjusted and the head had been skimmed to increase the overall compression taking the car from 115bhp to 130bhp from its 1.6 litre engine.

At the very end of the day I spotted Andrew Law’s 1990 1.6 Eunos Roadster just as he was leaving. imported in 2000 Andrew bought it last October and since had a small patch of sill rust professionally repaired and added a range of modifications. Including a full set of Vmaxx Xxtreme fully adjustable coilovers; Gold Rota Kensei’s 15×8 in et0 offset to get them under the arches; a pair of Red Sparco Sprint seats inside the cabin and a set of TRS Harnesses fastened to a GC Fabrications roll bar. He then finished it off with a GV Front Lip and a De-Cat Cobalt exhaust.

retro rides 8


The engine is stock at the moment but Andrew told me he had plans to add a turbo in future. This one gave me serious car envy.


retro rides 9

retro rides 10All these cars were spread out across different club stands and had come from all corners of the country to be at the show. They all had differing styles and approaches to building their little roadsters, but talking to the owners there was one common quality, their passion and love for these cars.

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